Mystic Nails polish should improve your nails without risking your health. This is why we set out to remarket Mystic Nails™ with a few tweaks. We started on a journey to create a formula that was healthier without compromising its efficacy. Our team is proud to share our story with you and to bring you a product that has been loved for decades. Enjoy Mystic Nails and make it a part of your nail care regimen once again.

Remarketing Mystic Nails

We are bringing back a product that was famous in salons and at homes from the early 1980s until 2009.
Mystic Nails

Years Of Research

Based in Closter, New Jersey, our company worked with scientists from 2014 to 2016 to research and develop the "five-free" formula. Our team worked hard on the product to make sure that Mystic Nails is effective, yet safe and free from hazardous ingredients. We finalized the non-harmful formula in June 2016. An Improved Product Today, we bring you the same Mystic Nails with a few changes. We realized that consumers are more aware about their health and environment, which is why Mystic Nails is now free from harmful chemicals. Our product is made in the United States. ORDER NOW TODAY

Mystic Nails

A Nail Strengthening Product Free of Harsh Chemicals

Mystic Nails™ is a product that does it all. Mystic Nails™ adheres to the strictest safety standards and is free from the harmful ingredients used in many other nail products. Mystic Nails™ promotes the growth of long, strong, and healthy nails with safe, superior ingredients. Mystic Nails™ is Made in the U.S.A.

Make Your Nails Great

If you've been searching for a nail product that not only makes your nails look better, but also nourishes them, look no further than Mystic Nails. This product features a "five-free" formula that does not include the harsh chemicals often found in other products on the market. Enjoy the look of beautiful, long, and strong nails with a clear nail coat that adds shine while taking care of your nails. You can consider Mystic Nails your all-in-one nail care solution. In addition to being a base coat and a top coat, Mystic Nails is also a nail strengthener that helps fortify your nails to reduce breakage and protect them from the elements. Whether your day include playing sports, cooking and washing dishes, or working in an office, you can relax knowing that your nails are stronger than ever.
Mystic Nails

Improve Your Nails

Enjoy Beautifully Strong Nails. In addition to giving your nails a clean, freshly manicured look, Mystic Nails works as a nail strengthener. It doesn't include any harsh chemicals. Learn more about Mystic Nails and why you should make it a part of your nail care routine.

Return Policy

For Mystic nails customer satisfaction is out top priority. For any reason that you would like to return a product, we are happy to accommodate your needs.

We offer a 30 day return period.